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Benefits of a Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceilings are often the most economical solution for increasing the aesthetics and function of a large commercial building.

Warehouses, factories, and commercial properties with large open floorplans may have high ceilings, exposed ductwork, and other unattractive features. Drop ceilings help solve these issues.

What is a Suspended Ceiling?

These ceilings are also called drop ceilings, false ceilings, or acoustical ceilings. They feature a grid of beams positioned at the desired height. The beams create a crisscross pattern that holds the individual tiles.

Adding an acoustical ceiling offers numerous advantages for all types of commercial properties:

  •  Hide unsightly ductwork and pipes
  •  Absorb noise from other areas
  •  Quick and affordable installation

One of the main reasons for adding a drop ceiling is to hide exposed structural, mechanical, or electrical components. In many commercial spaces, the ceilings may have exposed pipes, ductwork, electrical lines, cables, and other elements that do not create an attractive look.

The drop ceiling helps to hide these features while adding more visual appeal to the property. These ceilings can also help absorb noise from other areas of your property.

acoustical ceilings

For example, the noise of your equipment in the back of the facility may carry through to the front of the property. With a drop ceiling, you may be able to block some of these sounds.

Adding a suspended ceiling is also affordable. The grid system of supporting beams and the tiles are easy to install and cost effective.

In most cases, these projects are completed quickly, allowing you to resume your normal operations. You may even avoid needing to make any modifications to your schedule.

You can also use these ceilings for the efficient renovation of your commercial property. You may find that a drop ceiling is a perfect solution for converting an open floorplan into office space. Quickly increase the rental value and function of your property to attract new tenants.

If you want acoustical ceilings for your property in Greensboro NC, contact the experts at Aurora Renovations. We are a trusted source of commercial construction services, including the installation of false ceilings.

Your Premier Choice for Quality Acoustical Ceilings

At Aurora Renovations, our years of experience allow us to deliver exceptional service. We are the premier choice for all types of commercial ceilings in Greensboro and Winston-Salem NC.

Just examine some of the reasons why more people contact us:

  •  Dependable crew
  •  Licensed and insured
  •  No missed deadlines
  •  Competitive rates
  •  Design and build solutions

You can rely on us to offer the best commercial ceilings in the area. We have an experienced crew that always arrive on time to complete their jobs. We are also fully licensed, insured, and never miss deadlines. In fact, we may even complete your project ahead of schedule.

We have a wide assortment of ceiling solutions. You can choose different tile designs and sizes to suit your needs. We also have a great selection of flooring solutions to finish your construction or renovation project.

Besides drop ceilings, we can also handle any of your commercial construction needs, including drywall installation and finishing, metal framing, flooring, and the complete design and build of your property.

We are a local business, based in Oak Ridge. We serve the greater Greensboro NC area, including Winston-Salem and the rest of North Carolina.

If you require a suspended ceiling for your commercial property, contact us today. Request a free consultation and learn more about the benefits of adding one of these affordable ceiling solutions.

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