Commercial Construction Design and Build

Avoid the Hassle of Dealing With Separate Design and Build Teams

With design-build solutions, you only have a single point of contact for the completion of your commercial construction project.

At Aurora Renovations, we offer a complete service. You can rely on us for both the design and construction of your building.

We are based in Oak Ridge and serve clients throughout the state, including the greater Greensboro, NC area. Contact us today for more information on design and build for your next commercial property.


Great experience. Fair price and excellent work! Highly recommend! Replaced 4 two-story structural columns for us.
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Why Choose Design-Build for Your Project?

During a typical construction project, you may go to a design firm to complete the design and schematics for the property. The architects and designers then work with a group of builders and engineers to help bring the project to life.

However, managing all the contracts and coordinating the schedules of dozens of contractors and subcontractors can become a major challenge. Breakdowns in communication or lack of synchronization can lead to delays, increased costs, and other issues that keep your project from getting completed.

We offer a simpler solution. With our design-build services, you only deal with one entity.

You get a comprehensive set of professional services from a single, reliable source.

Commercial construction projects are becoming more complex. To keep up with new design trends, regulations, materials, and technologies, every project adds more moving parts.

Instead of hiring different contractors to handle these moving parts, you should consider hiring one firm to handle it all. At Aurora Renovations, our design-build solutions help keep your project running smoothly, from design to post-construction.

Reduce Construction Schedules and Costs

Explore some of the advantages of our design and build solutions:

  •  Reduce overall timeframes
  •  Streamline operations
  •  Simplify your contracts
  •  Reduce total costs
  •  Prevent delays
  •  Reduce the risk of errors

You can rest easy knowing that your architect and builder are on the same page. All aspects of the project are coordinated by a single company. Architects, builders, engineers, and all subcontractors work together to help streamline every stage of the construction process.

With the traditional construction process, each stage of the project must be completed before starting the next. The engineer may need for the builder to complete a specific area before moving onto their next phase.

Design & Build Construction

When all these subcontractors are managed through a single entity, the various construction phases can blend together. Everyone works cohesively to get your project completed in the most efficient way possible.

With the design and build process, you get swift delivery. The design and construction processes occur simultaneously. These solutions allow us to make impossible schedules a possibility while ensuring that every step of the process goes smoothly.

Now that you know the advantages of design and build solutions, you should consider the advantages of choosing Aurora Renovations.

We have years of experience in Greensboro and Winston-Salem NC. Our dependable crew has completed all types of design projects, ensuring that every client receives the following benefits:

  •  Exceptional architectural designs
  •  Efficient and convenient services
  •  Coordination throughout every stage
  •  Projects completed on time or earlier
  •  Dependable engineers and builders

The bottom line is that we provide service that you can count on. No matter what type of construction project you have in mind in the Greensboro or Winston-Salem, NC area, we can help.

For your next commercial construction project, think about using design and build solutions. Allow us to coordinate every stage of your project, from the initial design and planning to construction and post-construction.

Contact us today to request more information on commercial projects in Winston-Salem or Greensboro, NC.

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